Review – WeVibe 4+

Review – WeVibe 4+

Here’s the toy review you were promised, the We-Vibe 4+ Couples Vibrator we bought from We paid for this product, we aren’t endorsed by lovehoney in any way (although if you’re reading this, lovehoney,  we’re available).


I (Siren) have a lot of vibrators already, some I like more than others, some that work for me, some that don’t, big ones, small ones, pink ones, purple ones – all sorts. But I’ve never had one that can be controlled by an app, and never ever one that can be controlled by an app on the other side of the country. I had a discount code, so the WeVibe was only about $109 instead of $130 (nothing to sniff at) but we went halves in the purchase.

The packaging was very nice, everything fitted together nicely and the unboxing was very exciting. It came with the vibrator, a charging dock and cable (it’s USB charged), and a little satin bag for storage. I use the bag to sit on top of the vibe while it’s charging to prevent it getting too dusty.

When it arrived it was only on 1% charge so I had to put it in the little dock and wait a few hours. I had it plugged into the back of my computer because the cord isn’t very long, it has to be close to where it’s plugged in. I was a little wary because I live in a share house and I like to keep my toys out of sight and this one has to sit on my desk to charge, but so far nobody has asked about it.

The vibrator itself is quite powerful – it has a dual motor, one that sits inside and one that is outside on the clit. I don’t respond massively to internal stimulation, but it felt good when it was inside. It has a smaller end, which I love because I’m quite small and sometimes toys can hurt when they go in. It slides in pretty easily without lubricant because it’s so small, and once it’s in you can hardly feel it. The front part of the vibrator is quite thick and wide and reaches up towards my clit. It’s almost long enough to sit directly on it, so the vibration hits beneath it – which is fine! It edges me for longer rather than going directly onto my nerve endings and making me orgasm faster. If I gently push it up from where it comes out of my vagina, I can get it to sit on my clit for powerful stimulation.

The app is pretty simple to use. I sent an invite to Sailor via text from my app, and when he accepted it he was connected as ‘my lover’. I can see when my lover is online, and he can send a request to play. There’s video and audio chat available, as well as just regular chat. The app comes with built in vibrations with different patterns – waves, pulsing, etc – and you can also draw your own pattern or mix pre-made patterns to create your own. I’m a fan of the pink and blue coloured patterns which concentrate on the clit – the inside vibrations are nice but they don’t get me squirming like the others. You can see what your partner is doing with the patterns, and can take control back whenever you like to use the options yourself.

I found the only time I really wanted to take control back was when the we-vibe slipped out (which has happened a few times, it can get very slippery down there and it’ll slide right out) so I could pause it and readjust, before giving control back to Sailor. Other cons include that once it disconnected from Bluetooth after a while and I had to re-pair it in the middle of a session, and sometimes it can take a little long to pair it to start with. One session uses up about 15%-20% of battery life (which is displayed in the app) so you wouldn’t need to charge it after every session, but if you have long, long sessions… you might need to. I also found my clit would start to lose sensitivity after a while which made it harder to cum, but that’s happened with other vibrators before. I have to make sure that I cum before my clit loses too much sensitivity or else it becomes really difficult and a little disappointing.

Overall, I love it. We’ve only used it twice this week, but both times have been so exciting and unpredictable. It’s great to be able to still chat while using a vibrator, because often I have to put my phone down to use a vibrator which excludes Sailor from the action a little, and I’d rather have him included. With this vibrator he’s involved from start to finish, and I can tell him what I’m enjoying and what I’m not. We even invented a special code so I can just send emojis to let him know! It’s a little expensive, but because we’re in different states, I think it’s one of the best sex toys we could own in a LDR. I would completely recommend this for anyone who’s far away from their partner and still wants to be involved in their sex life. My only sadness is that there isn’t one I can use on Sailor! Well, there is – but we’re going to need a lot more money.



New Toys

New Toys

Hello followers,

A huge apology for our absence. We’ve been very busy in our (uneventful) personal lives, both with study and other things, and we’ve become neglectful of this blog. We are sorry!

We’re still practicing in our sexual experimentation though, but we admit it’s hard to have consistent content when we only see each other every three months or more. This isn’t ideal, but we love each other enough to make it work. 

Today we purchased the We-Vibe from the lovehoney online store (one of our favourites), which should lead to some interesting stories and posts. It’s a vibrator that can be controlled remotely from a smart phone, anywhere in the world – so long as the user has it attached to their phone via Bluetooth. For example, I can have it connected to my phone in my city, and sailor can open his phone in his city and turn it off and on. The reviews were very good, so I’m looking forward to having a play. 

Until then, that’s all we have for you. I hope your past few months have been exciting and arousing and full of surprises. 


8 Sexy Rules

8 Sexy Rules


Sailor and I have been together just over 18 months, and in this time I’ve learnt the things he likes and doesn’t like, and especially the things he loves. I asked him to help me make a list of 8 little things that I do that turn him on, that give him goosebumps, or just make him blush. I’m going to share them with you to maybe give you some new ideas!

  1. Lingerie

What he says: “being naked is sexy, but lingerie is sexier because it takes effort and also it looks really sexy. I don’t know the exact reason, there’s probably a scientific reason behind it but to me it can be sexier than nakedness.”

I love lingerie. I think as a woman, it’s a really simple way to feel sexy and empowered, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I don’t own any “high end” lingerie (everything I have was well under $100… that isn’t to say that I don’t want any) and your partner will love it regardless of the price. A sexy bra or set of panties worn under the right outfit can drive them crazy, especially if you send them a sneaky photo of it, or tell them what you’re wearing underneath and they have to wait until later to see it. If you’re interested, I’ll make a list of my favourite places to lingerie shop online.

2. Make-up/Nails

What he says: “cos like i said before it adds femininity. They’re all fairly specific things we associate with women so it adds that feeling of female sexuality that I enjoy a lot.”

I only recently started getting my nails done – that is, getting acrylics put on – because I thought they’d really hinder my everyday abilities, like getting dressed, typing, etc. Turns out, you get used to them fairly quickly, and Sailor loves them. They have sort of a domme edge without you even trying, especially in sexy colours like red, black, purple, etc. In my experience, men love feminine women, and a $50 set of acrylics can make you feel like a new person. Sexy nails paired with a beautiful dolled up face with red lipstick and long eyelashes will have him trembling even if you’re fully dressed.

3. Biting

What he says: “feels good, you get a little bit of pain and we know that sometimes pain and pleasure go well together.”

I’m a little bit of a biter. Sailor has warned me several times that I bite a little too hard and I’m working on it, but I can’t help it! Biting is so animalistic and sometimes I can’t stop myself. If you don’t have biting in your foreplay or even the act itself, I completely recommend introducing it. You’d be surprised how sexy a little bit of pain can be. My favourite places to bite are the lips and the neck.

4. Paying Attention to the Balls

What he says: “it’s a very sensitive area when you’re turned on, playing with them or licking them or sucking on them is a really interesting and pleasant feeling.”

This was a new area for me because… well, I don’t have any. I’m also quite worried about being too enthusiastic and maybe hurting them cos I’m aware of how badly it can hurt if you get kicked. But Sailor is very encouraging and I’m paying more attention to them as we go. Sometimes in the excitement it’s easy to forget to pay attention to some areas because you love what you’re doing in the moment, but I’ve heard this area is VERY important.

5. Nudes/Sexting

What he says: “its a sexy surprise, and sexy surprises are often when you can get the most turned on, like you’re just in class or at work or whatever, if you get a random nude or a random sext it means someones thinking about you and they’re thinking about you in a sexual way”

I’m a huge offender of surprise nudes. Even before Sailor and I were dating, I was sending him some provocative photos of me in bike shorts, crop tops, hoping to get a reaction. Now we’re dating, they’re a lot dirtier. They make you feel sexy, and he loves the surprise of getting a photo. I used to send them during meetings, and he’d tell me how he couldn’t get up from the table because he had an erection. Same with sneaky sexts, tell him you’re thinking of a certain sexy memory, or maybe thinking of something you want to do to him when you get home. He won’t be able to stop thinking about it and you’ll have him at your disposal.

6. Talking About Sex

What he says: “It’s hot because you talk about it explicitly and don’t hold back in what you say. But also it lets me know what you like and what you don’t like and what you want to try and that helps me understand what I can do and what I shouldn’t do and also it means I can think about doing the things you want to try and that is a turn on.”

I’ve posted before about how I’m a very sexual person. I don’t hold back on things, and if I’m interested in a topic or a subject I’ll bring it up. If there’s something I want to try, I’ll ask. I don’t want there to be anything that I can’t talk to Sailor about. That way, nothing is taboo or embarrassing, and we’re free to discuss anything we want. Sailor was initially very nervous to tell me about his domination fetish, but we’re so beyond that now that we run a blog about it together. If you tell your partner what gets you hot, and what makes you cold, they’ll have a better understanding of you and you’ll have better sex.

7. Noises

what he says: “A moan or a sigh or a noise is sexy because it means you’re getting pleasure or enjoying what’s happening and something about them (again i don’t know the scientific reason) but something about them is super hot.”

If you’re not a vocal love-maker, maybe you should try it. Before Sailor I had a fling with someone who couldn’t stand dirty talk and vocals and honestly, it wasn’t fun. Making noises turns me on as well, and I want my partner to know what they’re doing is good and sexy and I appreciate it. I like hearing his noises too, because it lets me know I’m still in control and what I’m doing is sexy and hot and pushing him towards orgasm. You don’t even have to dirty talk, just moans and sighs to start with and work up from there.

8. Sexy Blog

what he says: “you’re sharing sexy images that remind you of me and i get to look at sexy images. but not just any sexy images ones that you think i’d enjoy and that’s hot”

This one is more for a long-distance couple, but anyone can try. We each made a private, password protected tumblr blog that we filled with sexy things we find. It can be video, gif, still images, art photography, porn, whatever. I used mine to find inspirational domme videos, photos, that I could use to further my domme experience and knowledge, things I wanted to try, wear, talk about, and Sailor could see what I was looking at. I’d let him know when I’d updated it and he’d tell me what his favourites were. Another plus to this is that looking at all these sexy images while researching will turn you on a lot, and you’ll always have your partner to help you out.

So that’s my 8! What do you think? Do you have anything you’d add? What’s something small that gets you or your partner going? Let me know in the comments.

– Siren

Apologies for the absence. 

Apologies for the absence. 

Hello beautiful followers,

Apologies for our blog silence. We’ve both been very busy little bees, both in bed and out, and sadly we’ve neglected the blog a little. But we haven’t forgotten you!

Sailor and I spent a wonderful long weekend together last week, and we have some things to tell you. Those will be saved for future posts, because they deserve their own.

We tried some new things, new toys, new positions, and new ways of loving each other. Some worked and some didn’t – but that’s life. I’m grateful to have a partner where I’m not afraid to try and fail at something new (as I’m sure he is too).

Thank you for following, my darlings. I assure you there’ll be more posts soon, once both of us have a little time on our hands

– Siren

April Getaway

April Getaway


Sailor and I will be spending the weekend together for the first time in a while – first time all year actually. We’ll be working on and experimenting with new things for the blog, and hopefully take some photos so you can get to know us more.

If there’s anything you’d like to know or get our thoughts on, please leave a comment! We’d love to hear from you.



Pegging, Prostates and Pleasure

Pegging, Prostates and Pleasure


By now most people are probably at least somewhat aware of what “pegging” is, maybe not by that name but by what it entails. It’s had a cameo role in Marvel’s Deadpool (while everyone else in the theatre was laughing all I could think about was the next time I got to experience it with Siren.), a starring role in an episode of Broad City and has been featured by numerous high profile media outlets (from Cosmo to VICE).

However after all of this attention from pop-culture it still remains incredibly taboo, and as a huge fan of pegging while all this exposure has been great it’s meant I’ve been involved in more discussions about it lately, and since most people already have their mind made up those discussions have been somewhat awkward.

To those people who have already dismissed it, please reconsider.

To the guys who fear that it will affect their sexuality, I’m here to tell you that’s just not true and when you realise that you open up a whole new world of pleasure. Do some reading on your prostate and you’ll understand why. It feels incredible.

To the girls who are weirded out by even the thought, I urge you to give it a go. I’m sure Siren would say that it has made her feel more empowered as a woman and even if you find it’s not your cup of tea you’ve at least experienced something completely different.

And finally to those who want to give it a try but are worried about what their partner might say. Refer to an article I wrote recently: Disclosing Your Desires

– Sailor

My Orgasm & Me

My Orgasm & Me


I’ve always thought of myself as quite a sexual person. As a teenager, I was very interested in sex (although I’d never had any) and would often spend hours after school watching porn – not to get off, just to see it. Having no older brother or sister, I didn’t really have anyone to educate me about sex from a younger viewpoint. I got ‘the talk’ obviously, but that was just facts. I wanted to know what it was like, what happened, how it felt. Most of my friends reached sexual maturity at the same age I did, so we had no stories to tell each other. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I finally lost my virginity. It hurt, it was dark, and very underwhelming. I figured that’s what all first times were like and expected it would get better. With that particular boyfriend, it didn’t. We were both each others firsts, so it’s likely I wasn’t incredible for him either, but in the several months we dated he didn’t make me cum once.

My second time was no better – it wasn’t a boyfriend, but more of a fling. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t make me cum either. I knew that I could, because I’d done it plenty of times on my own. I was capable of orgasm, just not with a partner, it seems. My third partner hardly warrants a mention, but he was just as useless. At this point I was ready to give up and live a life of fun but ultimately unfulfilling sex. Until I met Sailor.

Sailor was (and is) about as experienced as I am at sex. Neither of us had been particularly adventurous, and while the sex had been ok with our separate partners, it was nothing special. We agreed that both our sexual needs were greater than what we’d been giving and receiving, and we made a pact to only have incredible sex from now on. A way of doing this, for him, is indulging his dark desires. I love to do this. It gives me a great sense of power to do things to him I know he loves, and I know get him off. There’ll be more on that later. More importantly, he knows what I like, and he makes sure I cum (almost) every time. (There’ll be days where it just won’t happen, and that’s okay). He does this by asking me questions, and even though it’s not very sexy, I can show him where it feels nice and where it doesn’t, when things start to hurt, and when things start to lose sensitivity and it becomes less sexy. We show each other pictures, videos, clothes, toys, so when the time comes we know exactly what to do. We still get a little giggly, unexpected things happen, and that’s fine. We’re comfortable and in love enough to not let that get in the way. We’ve introduced toys into the mix, which is one of the best things you can do as a couple, including plugs, vibrators, flavoured things, all sorts – and we plan to get more.

And, you’ll be glad to know, Sailor has figured out how to make me cum almost every time, and it’s the best sex I have ever had.